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ClínicaSmelt, tu clínica dental en Granollers

This webpage is to tell you about the clinic and our treatment philosophy. We invite you to explore our dental office.



CLINICASMELT offers its patients all treatments and specialties for currently dentistry:

Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is aimed at diagnosing and treating caries by removing it and restoring the affected tooth with plastic materials.

At CLINICASMELT we specialize in ultra-aesthetic restoration (fillings) that are virtually invisible, both on the teeth and on the molars, and we are proud of the results.

Cosmetic / Aestheic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the correction of aesthetic defects in the teeth and gums in order to improve the smile and help raise self esteem.

Whether we’re dealing with poorly positioned teeth, a smile that shows too much gum, or darkened teeth, we can offer you a custom solution through aesthetic remodeling of your teeth using composites or ceramic veneers, tooth whitening or remodeling of gums.


At CLINICASMELT we can solve any aesthetic problem. Periodontics is a dental specialty aimed at preventing, diagnosing and treating of gum diseases and the tissues that support dental parts.

Periodontitis (commonly known as gum disease) is a disease that is characterized by loss of the bone that supports the teeth. The first symptoms are redness of the gums and bleeding when brushing, then the gums retract and teeth become loose.

At CLINICASMELT we have all the knowledge onhand to treat this illness and prolong the life of your teeth.


Endodontics is a specialty that deals with diagnosis and treatment of the dental nerve. In the event that the dental pulp cannot be kept alive, the nerve must be removed and then root canals must be treated in order for the tooth or molar to maintain its funcionality after it is properly restored.

At CLINICASMELT we have all the knowledge onhand to carry out excellent endodontia treatments and prolong the life of your teeth.


Orthodontics diagnoses and treats changes caused by poor tooth positioning as well as the pathological relations of maxillary bones.

Orthodontic treatments are appropriate for patients of any age. However, success is only possible if the teeth and gums are healthy.

Correction of poor positioning is achieved through braces, which can be fixed or removable, depending on the individual circumstances.

At CLINICASMELT we have aesthetic techniques that will make the braces look practically invisible.


The term prosthodontics includes all indirect restoration of teeth such as crowns, bridges, removable partial dentures or complete dentures.

At CLINICASMELT we use only precious metals to create prostheses and we only apply high prestige dental techniques to guarantee the best results.

We have been working for years applying the latest materials such as aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide. We’re one of the pioneers in Spain in using these materials for oral restoration, with excellent results.


Implantology is the specialty that deals with planning and placement of dental implants. Dental implants are artificial titanium or zirconium oxide roots that, when they are placed firmly in the jawbone, integrate themselves into this bone through a process we know as osteointegration.

Once they are integrated, they may be used to anchor a dental prosthesis, from a single piece to total overhauls.

At CLINICASMELT we’re prepared for all types of implant treatments and we use microsurgery techniques to minimize post operative discomfort.

Placement of implant is always done following an exhaustive study of your mouth and jawbone in order to guarantee the expected result. These are normally done under local anesthesia, although, if the patient prefers, we can sedate him with the help of an anesthesiologist.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery is strictly related to periodontics and implantology, as well as with the diagnosis and treatment of small oral cysts and extraction of dental pieces and the remnants of roots.

At CLINICASMELT we have the knowledge to treat these disorders.

Biological dentistry

Through biological dentistry, we improve your general health and energy level. Through use of highly biocompatible materials, we treat oral infections which may be the source of general discomfort.

One very common cause of general discomfort can be a subclinical allergy to non precious metals used in the creation of oral restoration, such as caps, bridges, or metal fillings (amalgam). At CLINICASMELT we recommend the substitution of these materials for biocompatible materials such as zirconium oxide or alloys of gold-platinum based precious metals (fillings are never done with amalgams).

Pathological occlusion (uneven bite) is also a frequent cause of general discomfort which can even cause FIBROMYALGIA. At CLINICASMELT we have the knowledge necessary to rehabilitate your mouth into biologically balanced conditions.

TMJ dysfunction

Many headaches and earaches have their source in an uneven bite or a pathological joint, oftentimes produced by nighttime bruxism (grinding or clenching of the teeth). The common symptoms are noise or clicks in the joint area, located just before the ears, when the mouth is opened. Molar or jaw pain in the morning is also noted.

To treat these alterations, it is necessary to even the occlusion and many times the use of a mouthguard is necessary (a hard, transparent, removable acrylic form for the mouth), which offers relaxation of the masticatory muscles.

Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is the specialty that focuses on diagnosing and treating children and adolescents up to 18 years of age. At CLINICASMELT we have ample experience in this field.

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