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all the treatments and specialties of today’s dentistry

At Clinicasmelt we are specialists in dental aesthetics, from teeth whitening to complete oral rehabilitations. Modern dentistry, periodontics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, prosthodontics … Aesthetics and functionality to suit your needs.

We have extensive experience and we guarantee maximum peace of mind in your treatments.

We offer a relaxed atmosphere where our patient is always the center of our attention. We listen to your questions and concerns and give them all the importance they deserve. deserve.


CLINICASMELT offers its patients all the treatments and specialties of modern dentistry:

Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of caries by removing and restoring the affected tooth with plastic materials.

Cosmetic/Dental Esthetics

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the correction of esthetic defects of teeth and gums in order to improve the smile, helping to improve self-esteem.


Periodontics is the dental specialty dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the gums and the tissues that support the teeth.


Endodontics is the specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of the dental nerve.


Orthodontics diagnoses and treats alterations caused by poor dental positioning, as well as pathological relationships of the maxillary bones.

Dental prosthesis

The term dental prosthesis includes any indirect restoration of teeth such as a single crown, fixed bridges, removable appliances or complete dentures.


Planning and placement of dental implants. Dental implants are artificial titanium or zirconium oxide roots that are firmly placed in the jawbone and then integrated into the bone through a process known as osseointegration.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery is strictly related to periodontics and implantology, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of small oral cysts and the extraction of enclosed teeth and root remnants.

Biological dentistry

Orthodontics diagnoses and treats alterations caused by poor dental positioning, as well as pathological relationships of the maxillary bones.

TMJ and joint dysfunction

Many headaches or earaches have their origin in an unbalanced bite or in a pathological joint, often caused by bruxism (rubbing or clenching the teeth) at night.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is the specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and dental treatment of children and young people up to 18 years of age.

High technology

Our clinic has state-of-the-art facilities, as well as the most advanced technology.

Instrumentarium and Digora

We have digital radiology systems that allow us to reduce radiation by up to 70%.


We apply Cad-Cam technology to perform restorations and ceramic crowns in a single visit.


Diagnosis using laser technology for the detection of caries.


We use 3D software for the diagnosis and planning of implants.


Melag Vakuclav 43B for hand instruments.


Sirona DAC Universal for mechanical instruments.


Objective radiofrequency measurement of dental implant integration.


In-clinic whitening with Brite Smile, the only system on the market that can actually GUARANTEE an improvement between 9 and 14 shades of white.

Satisfied customers

Very friendly clinic with excellent treatment, very satisfied with the change, my case was not easy at all and the result has surprised me, totally recommended.

Carmen Ricart Rof

Phenomenal treatment. Very good service. It is the most sanitized place I have ever come across. Really. A lot of security and confidence.

Xavi Guardià Muñoz

Excellent treatment, Dr Allan, Esther, and all his team with very good hands and very professional. Latest technology and painless.
100% recommended!!!

Sergi Mendez

Exceptional treatment, I broke a tooth and they took me to the emergency room that same morning, the reconstruction was perfect. The professionalism and experience in my case I value it with a 10.
I recommend.

Erizita Espinosa

Very professional and above all, very good treatment, I have been very satisfied with the results. Thank you very much!

Xavi Jiménez Ariza

Excellent clinic, treatment
and most importantly the quality of the product. I have been with them for years and I am very satisfied with the results. Alan is a great professional, he seeks perfection in everything he does, his work is exquisite as well as all his team. In addition to the cleanliness that shines on its own. Highly recommended

Vanessa Gordo Segura

Magnificent dental clinic, personalized and exquisite treatment. They explain every step to be taken at all times, making you feel more secure. All the staff is charming.
Both the dentist and the hygienist have hands of a very high level, it is the first time that when I have my teeth cleaned and have some discomfort / sensitivity in some area, they leave “the machine” aside and do it by hand to not notice the “pain” even taking a long time more clear. Clinic at another level.

Alan Garcia

I am 46 years old and since I was a child I have suffered a lot with my mouth, until I finally found an exceptional dentist. Dr Smelt! That he doesn’t hurt me and treats me with affection, as does his team.
He has replaced implants and even done deep scrapings.
I recommend it to everyone!!!

Maica Fernandez Lopez

Frequently Asked Questions

We help you to solve your doubts

I am very afraid of the dentist. Do you take it into account?

More than 80% of our patients say they are afraid of the dentist. We are aware of this and that is why we dedicate all our efforts to make our patients feel more relaxed. We use specific anesthesia techniques, so that the puncture is painless. In case of extreme panic we can treat you with sedation, so that you are not aware of the treatment.

My teeth are separated. Is there a solution?

In general, gapped teeth can be treated with esthetic veneers. For this, a previous exploration of your mouth is necessary.

I have yellow teeth. Can they be bleached?

It is normal for teeth to darken throughout life due to the absorption of pigments in the enamel. In almost all cases they can be successfully bleached.

Will a whitening treatment harm my teeth?

Definitely not. There are many studies on this subject and they all conclude that whitening does not harm teeth or enamel as long as it is done under the strict control of a specialized dentist.

In CLINICASMELT we have a long experience in teeth whitening (more than 18 years) and today we use two techniques. The first is done in one hour in the clinic with BRITE SMILE (www.britesmile.com) and guarantees an improvement of 9 shades in 1 treatment. The second is done at home, where you wear for one hour a day a soft, transparent sheath custom-made with special gel. With this technique, an improvement of up to 9 shades can be achieved, but it takes about 1 month.

How long does the effect last?

Whitened teeth tend to darken again if maintenance is not done, that is why we have developed in CLINICASMELT a system to keep teeth white for a longer period of time.

My gums are very swollen. Can it be treated?

It is a problem that we treat frequently and that requires the intervention of both the dentist and the dental hygienist. We personalize and develop an individualized treatment plan in which we prioritize oral hygiene. We instruct you on the necessary and most appropriate techniques for the care of your teeth and gums to prevent their inflammation.

My teeth seem to move. Is there a solution?

It is very important for the preservation of your teeth that this problem is treated immediately. There are several solutions depending on the degree of movement. After a thorough study, we can present a treatment plan for your case.

What type of toothbrush is good for my mouth?

In general we can say that it is advisable to use a soft brush from the pharmacy, although we also frequently recommend a rechargeable electric toothbrush.
Our specialists will assess the best option for you and its correct use.

Should I use a special toothpaste?

Appropriate toothpastes should contain fluoride to prevent caries and not be too abrasive (to remove stains). We always recommend a toothpaste from the pharmacy.

Do I have to use a mouthwash?

It is not essential, but if you wish to use one you should always consult your dentist or hygienist. Rinsing can never replace toothbrushing.

What are veneers?

A veneer is a sheet of material that is placed on the outer surface of the tooth. It can be made of composite (reinforced resin) or ceramic and its placement is very atraumatic since the enamel hardly needs to be reduced.

Veneers can improve the appearance of teeth, correct malpositions, malformations and color.

What are casings?

Veneers are used to restore teeth badly affected or weakened by decay or very large fillings. To do so, the tooth must be considerably lowered. They can be made of ceramic-coated metal to match the color of your teeth, or of special metal-free ceramic for an even more natural look.

At CLINICASMELT we have been working for 8 years only with metal-free ceramic sleeves, because they are more esthetic and more biocompatible. Sheaths made with modern ceramics have the same strength as sheaths made with metal-ceramics. Today we work with two systems: Nobel Biocare’s PROCERA (www.nobelbiocare.com) and 3M-Espe’s LAVA (www.3mespe.com).

What are implants?

Implants are artificial roots that are firmly anchored in the jawbone. The secret lies in a process called “osseointegration”, whereby the implant is integrated into the bone and then a crown can be made over the implant to replace a missing tooth. Today implant dentistry is one of the most successful treatments in dentistry. We achieved a 98% success rate.

In CLINICASMELT we use very advanced techniques such as microsurgery and the previous study with the help of computers so that post-operative discomfort is minimal. In most cases the patient can continue with his daily life without interruption, just as with an extraction.